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Every day, hundreds of thousands of soldiers are fighting for our freedom across the globe. At the Auxiliary, we never stop thinking about what they face while deployed and what they will need when they return home. As advocates for our veterans, we encourage our members to contact their elected officials by phone, email or letter to implore them to keep the needs and sacrifices of our soldiers and their families front and center as they go about their legislative work on behalf of their constituents.

The American Legion Auxiliary supports the legislative priorities adopted by The American Legion. The American Legion’s Legislative Division in Washington, D.C., keeps abreast of current legislation relating to veterans’ benefits, national security, and children and youth. Auxiliary members are encouraged to subscribe to The Dispatch, published by The American Legion to keep The American Legion Family aware of legislative issues and the official positions of The American Legion on those issues.

Each year the Auxiliary convenes its Awareness Assembly in conjunction with The American Legion’s annual meeting in our nation’s capital to review The American Legion’s legislative priorities and advise members how to be better advocates for those issues with their own state’s Congressional legislators. Armed with information and enthusiasm, Auxiliary members “take to The Hill” to make their voices heard. The Legislative program periodically provides members with specific reasons to contact their legislators and provides them with summaries about issues of importance to our veterans.

While we may think that one voice may not make a difference on its own, that one voice added to the voice of others with the same goals and sentiments quickly becomes a collective voice of influence that can impact the decisions of our elected officials. Joining together, Auxiliary members can and do make a difference when they advocate for veterans, their families, and their communities.

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Stay up to date with information on legislative issues currently being endorsed and supported by The Legion Family by visiting the Legislative Action Center.

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