The purpose of the Public Relations is to work collaboratively with all levels of the organization to create, implement and support a proactive communications network that advances the objectives and programs of the American Legion Auxiliary and positively projects our image and programs to the general public.
Help Spread the Word!
• Encourage everyone in your local unit to sign up to receive ALA e-News
• Offer to send all the email addresses of your unit members to National Headquarters
• Enlist the help of your Public Relations Chairman to create a website for your unit
• Tell a story to everyone you meet about what your Auxiliary unit is doing right now to help veterans, their families, and their communities
• Purchase a gift subscription to Auxiliary magazine for your doctor’s office, health club, or hair salon
• Connect with us on Facebook
An organized communication network is critical for the public to become aware of the American Legion Auxiliary’s timeless mission, the many programs in place to advance our mission, and how the hardworking members of the largest women’s patriotic service organization make a difference in the lives of our veterans, our military, their families, and our communities. The Auxiliary’s growth depends on strong grassroots public relations efforts. The Public Relations program works collaboratively at all levels – unit, department, and national – to positively promote and advance the objectives and programs of the Auxiliary to our membership and the public at large.

Great public relations not only increases the public’s awareness of the Auxiliary’s good works, ensuring continued support of its programs, but also enhances the organization’s efforts to recruit and retain members. Ongoing and consistent communication with community leaders and media outlets is vital to making our impact known. Auxiliary magazine, the Auxilary’s national website, and the National ALA e-News newsletter are the primary communication vehicles between national leaders and unit members. The Public Relations Committee is keeping the Auxiliary in step with the times, engaging younger audiences with new media such as Facebook and YouTube. New media targets and engages a new generation of Auxiliary members and potential members. Also vital to the Auxiliary’s image in the public’s eye is promoting electronic communication and websites at the department and unit levels. Websites are the most efficient method for connecting internally with members, and with the new emphasis on nonprofit transparency, websites are even more important as an internal and external communications tool.
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