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About The American Legion Auxiliary Department of Washington

The Auxiliary is a veterans’ service organization with members in nearly 10,100 American communities.

Who We Are

The American Legion Auxiliary is the largest patriotic women’s service organization in the world, with nearly one million members. Affiliated with The American Legion, the Auxiliary is a veterans’ service organization with members in nearly 10,100 American communities. The organization sponsors volunteer programs on the national and local levels, focusing on three major areas: veterans, young people and the community.

Auxiliary members believe in the ideals and principles of America’s founding fathers and pledge to foster patriotism, preserve and defend the Constitution, promote allegiance to God and Country, and uphold the basic principles of freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of choice. The Auxiliary embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace and continues to stand firmly behind America today, just as it did when the organization was first founded.

What We Do

The Auxiliary has conceived and implemented hundreds of programs for veterans, their families, young people and the community. Many programs such as Girls State and Girls Nation have been expanded, creating commonly accepted institutions within the community and nation. In addition, the Auxiliary works with organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network, Fisher House, and the Red Cross.

The services of the American Legion Auxiliary, directly and indirectly, touch the lives of all Americans, With the philosophy of “Service, not Self”, the American Legion Auxiliary develops a strong spirit of volunteerism in its members, who have joined together in the fellowship of giving to others.

About Us

In The Spirit of Service

Veterans First

Auxiliary volunteers are the backbone of assistance in 171 VA Medical Centers. The Auxiliary raises more than $18 million every year and reinvests these funds in VA Medical Centers and community programs. These volunteers provide diversion and entertainment for patients and assist the hospital staff in physical and psychological therapy.

There are more than 20 programs nationwide that receive support and financial aid from the American Legion Auxiliary. The Auxiliary is also a co-sponsor of VA’s National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.