A Message From Your Department President:

Thank you all for attending this Mid-Winter Executive Committee Meeting.  It has been my honor to represent you this year.  I have been amazed at the many programs that Units and Districts are involved in.  I have watched various Chairman and Officers step up and present our established programs as well as giving out additional information to the membership via the Area Workshops, the Evergreen News and the packets that go out to the Units.  We have learned of new ways to get involved in the many areas that help our veterans, military families, and our communities.  

Mid-winter is a time to hear reports from the District Officers and Chairmen.  We have heard from our two Membership Chairmen and know that are Auxiliary Horse Race is going strong and we are heading into the homestretch.  Members were encouraged to go back to their Units and Districts and work on the Membership Race.  Let’s all make 100% (or more) and cross the finish line.  We were told there is a District Barbeque on the line for the District that comes in first place. Yum.

I was able to attend most Fall Conferences and enjoyed my time meeting the District members and visiting with old friends.  It was once again a joy to hear the reports and what is going on in the Districts.  Even small Units contribute so much to our programs with their sewing, cooking, and donations to schools and our military.  Thank you all.

We hosted National President, Diane Duscheck in November and were able to take her to both sides of the mountain.  She visited Santa’s Castle and Fisher House at JBLM, toured Retsil, and we traveled up to the Peace Arch with a luncheon at the Blaine Post and dinner at the Burlington one day and we also headed across the mountains to a luncheon at the Wenatchee Post.  She visited with members at many stops along the way.  Thanks once again to all those who came out to meet Diane and represent your Unit or District during her visit.

I am already looking forward to Spring Conferences and hearing once again what you are doing.

Remember, my theme this year is: The ALA Roadmap to Auxiliary Success.  There is much more for us to do as we continue traveling on our Auxiliary Trail.  

There are more paths for you and your Unit to take before this year is over, so once again I wish you “Happy Trails”.

Department President Janet Sperry